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Extracts from the Irish Annals 807 to 898

807 – Burning of Inishmurray. Attack on Roscam in Co. Galway.

811 – Viking defeat by the Ulaid of northeastern Ireland.

812 – Viking defeat by the Umall of Co. Mayo.

812 – The Eoghanacht Locha Lein defeat a band of Vikings in Kerry.

819 – Vikings raid the Wexford area and later set up a trading post.

820 – The Vikings raid the Abbey of St. Finbarr’s at Cork and set up a base camp.

824 – Attack on the monastery of Sceilg, 8 miles off the coast of Kerry.

825 – Monastery at St. Mullins is plundered.

831 – Vikings attack the area around Annagassan in Co. Louth.

832 – Vikings raid the monastery of Clonmore.

836 – First recorded inland attacks against the Southern Ui Neill in Meath.

837 – More raids, 60 ships appear both on the rivers Liffey and the Boyne.

839 – More raids – Viking fleet at Lough Neagh and over-winter in 840/41.

839 – Attacks are reported at Ferns, Co. Wexford and at Cork.

841 – Turgeis and a big Viking fleet take Dublin and begin their first settlement in Ireland.

841 – Vikings erect a longfort at Linn Duachaill near Annagassan.

842 – The Vikings complete their first “over-winter” at Dublin.

842 – The first recorded Irish-Viking alliance.

844 – Turgeis is killed by the Irish, drowned in Loch Nair.

845 – Forannan, abbot of Armagh, is captured in Munster.

845 – Viking victory at Dunamase.

846 – The Vikings make a settlement on islands at Cork.

848 – Maelseachlann I defeates the Vikings of Dublin at Skryne.

848 – Olchobar, the king of Cashel, attacks the Viking base at Cork.

850 – Waterford is settled by the Vikings around this time.

851 – Battle at Dundalk bay between the “Fingall” (Norwegian) and “Dubhgall” (Danish) Vikings.

852 – Vikings devastate Armagh from their base at Annagassan.

853 – Olaf the White of Norway defeat the Danes in a great sea battle.

860 – Ossory is attacked from the Viking base at Vedrafjord (Waterford).

860 AD – Maelseachlainn [of the Southern Ui Niaill], son of Maelruanaidh, son of Donnchadh, Monarch of Ireland, died on the thirteenth day of November precisely, on Tuesday, after he had been sixteen years in the sovereignty. He was succeeded by Aedh Finnliath [of the Northern Ui Niaill], son of Niall Caille, in sovereignty over Ireland.

864 – The Deise destroy the Norse fort in Waterford.

866 – Aed Finnliath (Northern Ui Neill) clears the North coast of Viking bases.

869 – Norwegian Vikings suffer a defeat by Conor, king of Connaught, near Drogheda.

876 AD – After Aedh Finnliath, the son of Niall Caille, had been sixteen years in the sovereignty of Ireland, he died at Druim Inesclainn, in the territory of Conaille, on the 20th day of November. He was succeeded by Flann Sinna [of the Southern Ui Niaill], the son of Maelsechlainn, in sovereignty over Ireland. He was still king in 902.

879 – Vikings attack Armagh from a base at Carlingford.

898 – Vikings attack Armagh from a base at Lough Foyle.